Specialist Services

We are pleased to offer a full restoration service for most pocket and wrist watches.

Watch dials can be restored to original finish and quality, for wrist watch metal dials, these will be stripped of all details and or damage and then correctly restored by professional dial restorers, who are simply the best in the world.

Pocket Watch enamel dials can also be restored and the damage invisibly repaired and the dial returned to as new finish. Our dial restorer works with many dials and can restore all letters and numbers in the correct period style.

Watch cases can be cleaned and repaired as required by our specialist case restorer. He has expertise with silver, gold and platinium cases, and can repair hinges, splits, cracks and even missing metal work such as bows, pins, bezels etc.

All movements are fully dismantled, overhauled and where required, original parts are used or suitable replacements hand-made by traditional processes. All watches are fully checked and timed where appropriate, however, please do not expect quartz accuracy on a 100-300 year old watch.