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1790 Swiss 18K Gold Quarter Repeater Verge

A mint condition solid 18k gold cased late 18th century keywind, chain fusee verge quarter repeater, made in Switzerland. The movement with a verge escapement and immaculate steel work and blued screws. The watch has been fully serviced and overhauled and keeping excellent time by my watch-maker. The watch with a fully working quarter repeater on two gongs, and comes with a presentation box. However, what sets this quarter repeater apart from the more common variety are the following features: firstly it was made by a high-grade worker in Chaux-au-Fond with considerable attention to the finish; secondly the dial with engine turned Breguet style finish and then most unusually at additional expense a 3-color floral lead border; finally the case is solid 18k gold and substanial weight of 125 grams.

This is a beautifully made key-wound man's Swiss quater repeater carillion watch, dating from ca. 1790. The watch is in full working order and comes complete with a presentation box. The buy it now price is a clear reflection of the incredible rarity, stunning condition and long-term investment for this watch. Mint watches in this condition, can only rise in value, given the limited supply of such items.

UNUSUAL FEATURES: The watch watch comes from a private collection where it has clearly been looked after. Watches from this period with the fire-gilding to the watch movement and the case in such bright condition are very uncommon. The movement with round ballustar pillars and with finely made and decorated hands, and a fabulous plunge 1/4 repeater. The watch has been clearly well looked after, and the watch is very handsome piece indeed. The watch is in full working order and comes complete with a key for winding and presentation box.




THE DIAL: 100% mint, the engine turned dial with black Roman numerals, and 3-color floral border to the edge. Dial with blue steel Breguet moon hands. Diameter is 50 mm. The crystal is also in excellent condition. The case band with stop/start slide to allow the repeater to work or not work when in use.





THE MOVEMENT: 100% mint, with a polished gilt full plate and finely engraved double footed balance cock. A silver Tompion regulator, and steel endstone setting, blue steel screws. This has a flat hairspring with a Swiss verge escapement, and an uncut three arm gilt balance. The watch with a fusee, chain and barrel. The movement condition is excellent, and runs the length of the main-spring. The watch with two hammers, in excellent and crisp condition The watch is much brighter and crisp than in these dark photos, which are limited by my camera and lighting equiment. The watch is in very good working order for its age and runs the full length of the fusee chain.




THE REPEATER: 100% mint, the quarter repeater in full working order and just cleaned and overhauled by my watch-maker. Pushing the plunger at 12.00 inwards, activates the repeater. At 12.45 there are 12 single tings on one gong, and this is followed by 3 ting-tangs with the two hammers striking the gongs. The sound is crisp and clear, the repeater watch highly valued and well looked after.



THE CASE: 100% mint, the solid 18k gold three piece case measures an impressive 55 mm. The front cover is excellent and closes very tightly and rear cover also closing snugly and all hinges are in good order. The inner gilt dust cuvette in good order, spring missing. The rear solid 18k gold cover closing nice and tightly.The watch weighs complete a massive ca. 125 grams, a very substantial and heavy case. The case band and the rear cover with crisp finish, most unusual to see in this condition, with no dents or dings. The case with well stamped 18k Swiss gold marks, Swiss duty control mark and case number 12387. The case with lots of attention to detail as you would expect; where the two covers close at the 12 o'clock position,crisp and delicate engraving to case band; substantial and heavy three-joint hinges, still tight and crisp; the top covers pops up nicely when the pendant button is depressed. At the 1.30 position in the case band there is a small gold slide-piece, if depressed inwards it activates or stops the repeat work from being used, very handy when in the pocket.

This is a high quality 18k gold quarter repeater, a work of art in its own right in crisp condition and of jewel like quality. This watch has clearly had a sheltered life and was most likely kept just for "Sunday Best", hence its near mint and immaculate condition. The pictures show some reflections and various dark marks, these are an artefact from the lighting and are not present in the watch case.




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