About Us

We specialise in fine and interesting vintage watches, with a second to none support service for our customers.

We have been involved in Horology for the last fifteen years, primarily in the area of antiquarian English 17th and 18th century clocks, selling a number of important clocks and publishing articles in a number of horlogical journals such as the NAWCC Bulletin, Clocks, Horological Journal, and the Horological Times. Over the last 10 years we have gradually become more specialised in fine English and Swiss pocket-watches and also high grade Wrist Watches, notably Rolex, Patek, Omega, etc,

We specialise in Vintage and Antique Pocket and Wrist watches dating from ca. 1680 up until the end of the high quality mechanical wrist watch period, ca. 1980. We try to offer interesting and rare items and all our descriptions are detailed and our pictures crystal clear so that you know exactly what you are buying.

We also offer the full after sales, service and support, from a dedicated watch seller. Please contact us by email or telephone with any questions. We have spent a number of years in both the USA and Europe selling quality Antique Pocket and Wrist watches. We travel a great deal and also use both the Internet and private sellers to find interesting, rare, unusual and desirable Antique Pocket and Wrist watches.

Our watches are offered in a fully restored condition, with dials restored to original finish and quality (clearly stated where this is the case); cases cleaned and repaired as required by our specialist case restorer. All movements are fully overhauled and where required, original parts are used or suitable replacements hand-made by traditional processes. All watches are fully checked and timed where appropriate, however, please do not expect quartz accuracy on a 100-300 year old watch.